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Chess Set "London at Dusk" - Staunton Chess Pieces "Supreme" & Chessboard "Wenge Deluxe"

Chess Set "London at Dusk" - Staunton Chess Pieces "Supreme" & Chessboard "Wenge Deluxe"

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This chess set contains the Staunton chess pieces "Supreme" and the chessboard "Wengé Deluxe".

The "Supreme" Staunton chess pieces are particularly renowned for their distinctive knight, often considered the centrepiece of the game. With its upright stance and forward-pointing earpieces, it bestows a majestic and powerful presence on the set. Additionally, all the chess pieces are characterized by elegant forms and user-friendly handling.

Crafted from boxwood and ebonized wood, with precise craftsmanship, soft padding with felt, and additional weighting, these pieces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The king's height of 95 mm adheres to common tournament standards, making it an excellent choice for official chess competitions. Furthermore, the set includes extra queens to facilitate smooth pawn promotion, eliminating the need for players to rely on replacement pieces.

The "Wengé Deluxe" chessboard, with its 55 mm squares, meets all standard requirements for chess tournaments and offers ample space for precise moves. With an impressive overall size of 550 mm, it is also a great choice for decorative purposes. Its wenge-coloured surface creates a striking contrast to the light squares, lending the game a timeless elegance. The wide border and clear lines for demarcation contribute to creating a clear and focused gaming environment, which is particularly advantageous for ambitious chess players.


Features of the Chess Pieces:

  • Design: Staunton
  • Material: Boxwood & Ebonized Wood
  • King’s Height: 95 mm
  • Total Weight of the Set: 1,036 g
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Workmanship: Carved, Felted and Weighted
  • Extras: Additional Queens
  • Recommended Field Size: 55 - 58 mm


Features of the Chessboard:

  • Material: Wengé & Maple Wood
  • Field Size: 55 mm
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Overall Size: 550 mm
  • Features: Inner Border in White
  • Recommended King’s Height: 90 to 105 mm


Important Information:

The pieces are hand-carved and made of natural, precious woods. Due to this non-machine, handmade manufacturing process by various carvers, the engravings and carvings as well as the natural wood grain may vary slightly from the pictures. The chessboard is also made from high-quality woods and also has a natural wood grain.

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