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Chessboard "Black Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Poplar & Maple

Chessboard "Black Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Poplar & Maple

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With the "Black Deluxe" tournament-sized chessboard, every chess player enters a world of timeless chess.

This impressive chessboard stands out with its deep black colouring and strong contrast to the bright squares. The clear delineation of the playing area is ensured by the white line between the squares and the board's frame. It is well-suited for ambitious chess players, high-level tournaments, or as an addition to a private collection. With its stylish design, it enhances any room and always captures the viewer's attention.

The classic elegance of this chessboard bestows timeless aesthetics upon the game. The board is crafted from high-quality poplar and maple woods, harmonizing particularly well with chess pieces made from dark woods or ebonized materials.

With a square size of 55 mm, it meets the requirements of the FIDE standard for tournament play. Additionally, the chessboard features an enlarged border, resulting in a total size of 550 mm that makes an impressive presence on any table. For selecting suitable chess pieces, a king height of around 95 mm is recommended to ensure a harmonious size ratio with the chessboard.


Features of the Chessboard:

  • Material: Poplar & Maple Wood
  • Field Size: 55 mm
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Overall Size: 550 mm
  • Features: Inner Border in White
  • Recommended King’s Height: 90 to 105 mm


Important Information:

The chessboard is made of fine woods and has a natural wood grain.
The chess pieces are not included in this offer and are only for display purposes.

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